Best Games for Android

Today these games are not so popular because they date back to the 90s. You can find some great games in the Google Play store. Point and click games for Android are hard to find, but the games on offer are reminiscent of the classic graphical adventure games that you have already played on your PC. Want to learn more about these games? To know more about classic games, visit


Yesterday is a perfect name for a murder mystery. A series of murders in the stone city and it is up to you to find the murderer. The game follows traditional point-and-click mechanics and uses a hints system that makes it easy to access the game from annoying places, something for which adventure games are famous. Many scenes analyze your logic and can challenge you to combine things in your inventory to conquer captivating levels.

Even dialogue sometimes tends to be boring, but it plays an important role in solving the puzzle because it sheds light on the background of possible suspicions. The graphics are of the highest level and incredibly sophisticated. Like a traditional PC adventure game, Yesterday focuses on attention to detail and feels exactly like a publication of a hassle-free image experience. The theme of maturity, violence, and strong language may not be suitable for children. If you like mystery murder games, you shouldn’t miss this game.


Fester Mudd


The game’s pixelated graphics and verb/object design model will make gamers nostalgic for the timeless point-and-click games of the 1990s. When experiencing a game for the first time, you have to play LucasArts games before enjoying this joyous encounter. Most puzzles are based on inventory, which means that you may need to apply things accumulated throughout the sport to many puzzles.This game has a lot of fun moments and some really funny characters to interact with. The first chapter seems to be like an introduction, although the puzzles make up for the reduced game time.

The Lost City

You can’t take your eyes off such a definitive work of art. Do not waste time watching these fantastic scenes. Each scene offers a lot of fun and variety. The Lost City is an adventure sport based on exploration, which allows you to explore a beautiful tropical island full of puzzles and mysteries. The gameplay adheres to traditional meeting mechanisms, but the atmosphere and fascinating graphics provide a surreal experience. The Lost City will not have an exciting story, but it will offer extraordinary graphics that will immerse you in the excitement. Even if you don’t like this genre, you might fall in love with its characteristic graphics.

The Passenger

Just like a traditional adventure game, The Passenger allows you to create a place where the researcher can move around and take an interest. You will be taken to a train scene where you will investigate for suggestions and ideas. The game makes things a bit easier by highlighting themes for puzzles. The Passenger has been divided into several episodes. The first episode will completely confuse the players. Evocative melodies and excellent gameplay are some of the facets that make The Passenger a wonderful point-and-click game, but the game is also short and has only six puzzle scenes to solve. Generally, it is an excellent sport, especially if you are a big fan of WhoDunit games.