Bluetooth refers to a connection technology that you can use to connect various devices at home. You may also use it in exchanging files or operating electronics. Wireless devices can also use this technology for easy connection.

Advantages of bluetooth technology

Simple setupphone

The setup of bluetooth involves two devices. It is a very quick and easy process. Interfacing the will vary depending on your devices however all is need is to set one device discoverable while the other scan. Upon completion by the scanning device, it finds the discoverable one, and a connection is initiated by entering the PIN according to directions. It is that’s easy to go about making it very simple


A Bluetooth handset will be compatible with all devices that support bluetooth regardless of design, make or model of the device. You can use it with computers for easy online chatting or games by pairing it with your gaming console or pair with your mobile phone for transfer of information. A single device may, however, pair with a particular number of devices.


There are two ways we can consider this technology secure. First is the inability to broadcast always s compared to wifi. To connect devices via bluetooth, they have to be set to visible otherwise called discoverable. The visibility will be necessary only until you pair the devices. Once your devices are paired you may choose to turn off visibility thus keeping your device closed to other new devices to avoid connection.

Second is that the fact that you need an authorization using a code or pin when connecting the devices. This implies that unless you approve the connection, a stranger cannot connect to your device even if it were visible. Moreover the fact that the bluetooth short range means outsiders are very unlikely to see your device.


One of the major advantages is that bluetooth technology lacks wires and it is less bulky as compared to wifi. Creating a wireless network you need a router through which all communication has to pass. Unlike wifi, with this technolgoy
usbthe devices communicate directly with each other. There is no additional hardware as long as your devices are bluetooth enabled. Extra hardware may be only necessary when you need a USB dongle that adds connectivity to your device.

Though it may have distance bandwidth limitations, this technology makes the communication between your devices at home reliable than other alternatives available without allowing connection with new devices unless you give a go ahead.