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Laptop Buying Guide: 3 Essential Tips

A laptop is very versatile since it can run most of the applications that you may need in your work. Similarly, a laptop is very compact hence very portable and be carried around as compared to a desktop. Tablets and smartphones are more portable their use is limited to some extent because there are works which cannot be done on the gadgets but can be done on a laptop. For instance, if you are writing a research paper, then you need a laptop to be able to do all that is required without any difficulties.
All you will require is a good laptop that will work efficiently. However, with the many laptops on the market, you may experience difficulties in choosing the right one. For instance, there are many sizes of laptops but to choose the best you can check on tibcoblogs list of the best 17 inch laptops. There are also other features that you will need to check on before you decide to buy a specific laptop. In this article, we take you through some of the tips that you can use to settle on the best laptop.

Check on Screen Resolution

laptop screenWhen looking for a good laptop, you should try and check to know the resolution of the screen. A good laptop should at least have a resolution of 1366*768 pixels. This is advisable because it will be able to function for most tasks that you will be doing on your laptop. Similarly, the screen resolution will allow you to work on more than two applications at the same time. With the modern times where web pages can reformat themselves then a good screen resolution will be one thing you won’t miss out when buying a laptop.

Check on the Keyboard

Laptops have constraints placed on them because of their small size. Therefore, laptop keyboards have been known to be more varied as compared to those of desktops. For instance, there is a space for the numeric keypad on bigger laptops and specific models of laptops. The keys on different laptops tend to vary depending on the model of the laptop. For this case, we recommend you identify the primary use of your laptop and then you can know the specific keys which matter to you. This way you will pick a laptop that will have keys that you will use while working.

Check on the Touchpad

This is one of the significant features of a laptop. A touchpad will determine how well you will interact with your laptop. For this reason, you require a laptop with a touchpad that will function well. However, in some cases, some touchpads are known to be awful and disappointing while on use. Therefore, for best interaction with your laptop, you need to find a good touchpad.

Features Of A Good Laptop

The use of laptops has become so common than before, thanks to the rapidly growing technology. Their popularity can be attributed to different factors such as its portability, convenience, and also efficiency compared to the previous model which was not only bulky but also consumed a lot of power. Laptops come in different forms depending on your preferences and also your ability to buy one. Usually, the laptop with more amazing features tends to cost more than the one with fewer features.

All the same, all laptops are designed in such a way as to allow their users to carry them around with them, all the time. That said, what are some of the features of a good laptop? Well, there some few things that you should always look into before you decide to buy a laptop that will give you the best services.

Good Laptop Features

The Random Access Memory ( RAM)

A good laptop should have a RAM of at least 4GB. The functionality and efficiency of a laptop largely depend on the size of the RAM. Luckily, the new laptops come with expandable laptops such that you can always upgrade you RAM if you need especially if your laptop performs a lot of complex programs. According to best gamLaptop ing laptops under 500 RAM allows your machine to be able to run more than one program without loading the machines by virtually holding more data as it waits for execution. Some programs have been designed such that they can only run if the RAM is more than 2GB. You should, therefore, consider the size of your RAM before buying the machine if you want to get the best from your laptop.

The internal memory

The internal memory is essential if you are looking for a good laptop. The good news is that most of the current laptops come with either 500GB which is the average memory for a good machine and one terabyte which is twice better since it has more space where you can store your data. However, there those machines that come even 250GB or even less. Such a laptop is highly unreliable especially if you have a lot of staff that you need to store or if you have a potential to store more data with time, your hands will be tired as you can only delete some item to create more room for the new data that you want to store.

Processor Speed

processor Other factors feature that you should consider the processor speed of your machine. A good machine should be dual core which means that it can use two processors. The types of average processor are mainly 1.16 GHz or 2.10 GHz. If you get the one with 2.10GHz, it is much better since it faster.You should also consider the system type.

A laptop can either be a 32 Bits machine or 64 Bits. In this case, it is advisable to go for the 64-bit since it’s likely to be compatible with more programs than the 32-bit machine.