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Try These Free Apps to Turn Your Webcam Into a Spy Camera

Want to keep an eye on your domestic or your nanny? Perhaps you are worried about your home’s security after a series of break-ins in your area? All you need is a security camera. But implementing a home security program could be expensive. There are free applications that can turn the webcam on your PC into the best spy camera if you want to make sure that nobody interferes with your home or workplace.

To install a low-cost security camera, you need at least one webcam or more IP cameras if your house is big. The software can detect the movement of an intruder and can also alert you via email using images or live feed. Some programs can allow you to view the activity remotely from your cell phone or another computer. Here is a list of applications that can turn your laptop into a spy cam. They are all easy to configure and free.

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iSpy is a completely free open-source application that allows you to monitor your office or home remotely. The program’s application offers numerous approaches to notify you if it finds an intruder such as sending screenshots, recording, or an alarm system to your PC or phone. This app can connect to multiple microphones and cameras. If it detects a movement, it automatically starts recording. To view from any device remotely, you need to spend between $10 to $59 to activate this feature.

All you need is a PC webcam and a long cable inorder to set-up iSpy. The program application connects and documents any movements the camera detects. You can also keep track of certain areas, configure motion settings for it to record automatically.


This desktop app can make your webcam into a spy camera easily. Yoics will require you to connect to your webcam to the app with your email to receive alerts about intruders, images, or texts related to your webcam. This software program supports motion detection. On the other hand, the average consumer may not like the setting.

Also, the program allows you to understand your desktop and access folders from your computer and monitor your webcam. You can view and then download any folder on your computer from your cell phone along with your browser.

Yaw Cam

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Yaw Cam is a free software program that allows you to set up a mini home surveillance program using your laptop camera. The program is easy to set up and includes many features to get a plan. You can configure Yaw Cam to detect and monitor movement within a predetermined region of the house or workplace or through the entire area in the webcam field.

You will require to enter your email address and receive real-time alerts on your computer or cell phone. Before installing this application, be sure to install the Java Virtual Machine.